Tuesday, December 6, 2011

How to Love...

Over the last few years, I thought I had a major problem. This problem was that I love hard. I really thought that was a bad thing. Who wants to be the one that falls hard or cares more than the other person (family, friends, and romantic)? I hated feeling like I was being taken for granted, but I could not stop caring for those in my life. I’ve been in plenty of friendships and relationships where I was the one who maintained communication and it is very draining.

Recently, I have been more diligent about studying the Bible and really taking to heart the messages at church on Sunday. But one listen of Kirk Franklin song really triggered something in my brain that made a lot of things make sense to me. On my way to work on Monday, I listened to his hit song “Love.” It finally resonated to me that loving hard is not a curse, but the true purpose of love. If I want to imitate God as Ephesians 5:1-2 says, then I have to love people regardless of how they feel about me. In “Love,” the choir sings about God showing them what it really means to love. When I heard that I realized as long as I strive to love like the Lord, then loving with all my heart and soul is the right thing to do.

I really thought about the fact that even though I do, think, and want to do wrong God still loves me and gives me another chance. Now do I need to let people who are going to use me and abuse me in or back into my life? No, but I need to be forgiving because Christ forgave me for all I have done. If I was drained through the few people that I have interacted with, I can only imagine how strong God is for loving every living person on this earth.

I want to work toward loving others like God loves us. Could you imagine giving your only son (or most important treasure) for someone else? Yea, me neither. What we can do though, is take out time to SHOW the people in our lives that we love and appreciate their presence in our life. We can also forgive those who wrong us (Psalm 6:12; the Lord’s Prayer) in love.

I really feel better about love. I felt bad about still loving and caring about various people who have been in and out of my life and now I don’t feel bad anymore. I know that God would want me to love, not hate. Like my blog post from a few weeks ago said, “Loved people, Love people,” so spread the LOVE!



“Be imitators of God, therefore as dearly loved children and live a life of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.”—Ephesians 5:1-2 [NIV]

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Morning Revelation

I woke up this morning and I HAD to write about this. A few weeks ago, I went to an "Art and Jazz" event for the Thursday Network (the young professionals of the Greater Washington Urban League) and it featured an artist who goes by Liz. (check out her art at http://www.originalartbyliz.com/) She has a painting that says "I can do everything through HIM who gives me strength.-- Phil 4:13." I bought the painting and it lays next to my bed until I can put it on my wall. I didn't realize how profound and amazing it is to read that first thing in the morning. Sometimes I wake up still worried about situations I know God has under control and I have to remember that He gives me the strength I need to accomplish my goals.

What scripture can you use to get through your day? Its nothing better than waking up to God speaking in your life. (Even when you don't deserve it)

Well I'm off to church!



Thursday, December 1, 2011

You Can Do It!!!

Hello There!

I had to take a little bit of a break from blogging to really focus myself. I was writing a lot about getting myself together, but I really needed to wait patiently for a breakthrough to share as well. This week it happened! I am reading a book about change, and it says that you have to "direct the path" that you want to lead yourself or others into change. My goal was to read the Bible more often, but I didn't have a set time that I devoted to reading the Bible. So I told myself, I will set my alarm to 5:15am and when that alarm goes off I will use it for my devotions and when my phone goes off at 5:45, that means its time to get ready for work. 

I found that the 30 minutes of time really helped me first find additional energy in the morning, but also gave me things to think about for the remainder of the day related to what I read. My personal goal was to dedicate more time to the Lord and really start to get into his Word. I hope I can continue to wake up early and make time for God. 

During this break, I also have been able to reflect on myself personally and professionally. I am learning that to be a "Virtuous Woman" is not just to sit and be pretty, but it is really to be the glue that keeps her family together. I thought I was ready for relationships and eventually marriage, but after going through this Bible Study on the Proverbs 31 woman I know I have SOOOOOOO far to go! The great thing about getting closer to God is that he keeps you in the meantime. He puts people around you to encourage you daily. 

Today I was unsure about what I can really accomplish as little ol me, and a colleague told me that I am going to be a future COO or CEO. What strong words to say! I thought to myself, does she really see all that in me? What I have to remember is that God brings people around to speak into your life. You really have to believe and have faith that your potential is limitless and you can go to extraordinary heights with God pushing you up and forward. 

Whatever your goal is, whether its trying to set a habit of reading the Bible everyday or to be a company executive, it can happen. It is all possible. Just keep God on your side and you will be QUITE alright!



Sunday, October 30, 2011

Moment of Clarity

Okay. I will be extremely honest with you all today. Last Monday, I looked myself in the mirror in a fitting room and cried. I didn’t like the way I looked in the clothes, I didn’t like the way I looked. PERIOD. I put the clothes on the rack and walked to my car and just cried. I ended up at the gym. That was something I know I could fix. I can look better with a little time at the gym.

Over the week I spent more time investing into my body. I found things that I could eat to make healthier choices. I found some clothes that flatter me. I spent some more time at the gym, and I talked to a few people for exercise advice. All of these things are just a part of me trying to make some changes so that I don’t look at myself with disgust when I try on clothes.

Today, I thought about how I do a lot of things and think a lot of things that are damaging to my soul. But when I have that moment of clarity, I don’t hurry and run to my Bible or talk to others that are deeper in the Word to help me through my struggles. I just struggle and let it be.

Yes, I’m making steps like showing up to what my church calls “Learning Zone” at 9am on Sunday and staying for service at 10:30. I know that’s not enough. I’ve been delaying finding someone who is in Christ but still in that early 30 range to candidly talk to about the REAL things that are going on in my life.

God is so good and he sees the mistakes I make before I make them. He knows that right now there are a few things this week that I’m going to do that probably aren’t the BEST ideas… BUT he still loves me.
I would really like for those of you who read this blog to really look at yourself in the mirror and look into your soul. So you go to church, what is something EXTRA you can do to thank God for allowing you to breathe today? What kind of praise can you give Him for allowing you to have a place to stay or a job that pays your bills? Can you read one scripture this week? Can you pray for people other than yourself? What steps can you take to make sure that when you look yourself in the mirror again, you see a better person?

Believe me, this week I will be doing the SAME thing.



Saturday, October 22, 2011

This is Hard, a True Struggle

I’m proud of myself in some areas and less proud in others. The book I mentioned last week (Not A Fan.) is getting more and more difficult to complete. It’s really some deep stuff. Today it asked me, “What am I enslaved to?” OK, I can maybe admit that. It then took it a step forward and told you to make an altar to it and kneel in front of it to worship. WHAT???? WHO DOES THAT??

I suppose we do equivalent things every day when we have time for everything/one else but God. I’m a HUGE victim of this. I had all sorts of meetings and events to go to this week and I’ve been stressing out like crazy, but yet I haven’t really laid my burdens on God.

I worry so much about the future and forget that every moment forthcoming is not guaranteed. I have to follow Jesus the best I can knowing that God is a understanding God.

I also have to start reading my Bible to really understand Jesus and develop a relationship with Him. I can read a fiction novel (especially romance) in NO TIME, but I don’t know the last time I actually sat down and read my Bible.

Sometimes I feel like I’m blocking myself from changing. Maybe it’s fear. No use sitting around and analyzing my problems when I can simply just take action. Hopefully the next time I write I will have made some improvements.



Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Moving Forward

This last week has turned out to be pretty good. I have learned a lot about myself, and from some of the feedback from my posts I see that I am helping others. I have a new theme to share with you guys. It is “Moving Forward.” Last week, I purchased Jessica Reedy’s CD entitled “From the Heart.” Track number 14 on the CD is called Moving Forward. This song really fit with the direction of my spiritual, personal, and professional life.

Here are some lyrics to share:
I’m Not Going Back
I’m Moving Ahead
I’m Here to Declare to You
My Past is Over in You
Things are Made New
Surrender My Life to Christ
I’m Moving, Moving Forward
You Make All Things New, You Make All Things New
I will Follow You, Forward

These words really define where I want my mindset to be. I am using this song to ground me and help me focus on what’s really important. God understands that I don’t/didn’t always make the best decisions, but He made my life new and gave me another chance to move forward and do better the next time.

Right now, I am in the midst of a corporate Bible Study with my church called “Not A Fan,” which is basically focused on following Jesus and not just being His fan. With Jessica Reedy’s song and this Bible Study, I hope I can keep Moving Forward and be the best person, daughter, family member, friend, and coworker I can be.

Check out Jessica’s song below, as well as the Not a Fan website and video: 


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hurt People, Hurt People

The problem with a lot of us is that we really don’t take time to heal when we are hurt. The other day, I was thinking about some of the reasons I feel hurt, and a lot of the hurt really comes back to me. I had to admit that I ALLOWED someone to hurt me. I can’t place 100% of the blame on that person at all. Yes, that person consciously did some hurtful things, but I did participate in a situation that could be hurtful. So when you’re hurt, your ego is bruised and you direct all your anger toward one person when in reality you are upset at yourself for not seeing through that person. Upset for not stopping the situation at a certain point.
I’m slowly realizing that ok, B, you have to take some of the blame on this one. There was no way this person could do ALL that to you without your active participation. Now, after acceptance, I have to just enjoy myself and the great things that are happening in my life so that I can fully heal. I told one of my friends that if today, I met someone new and he’s like “hey, can I take you out on a date?” I would probably ask him to call me in a month and ask me again. I don’t want the next person in my life to be a rebound or replacement. I want them to have my full attention.

Hurt People, Hurt People. That is the simplest way to say it. If we are still hurt, then somehow or another, we will hurt someone else. I have to let God have his way in my life so that I don’t hurt someone else and so that when I smell the scent of upcoming hurt, I know how to handle myself better. I will know when I need to adjust, stay, or walk away.

I truly have to meditate on 1 Corinthians 13. If someone is selfish, mean, never there, impatient… that’s not love! To keep from hurting we really need to understand what TRUE LOVE is, so that when someone comes around and they don’t understand what LOVE is, you know in your heart that although they may feel love for you they might not truly LOVE you the way you deserve to be loved.

I am declaring to myself through my process of healing, that I will pray to God to remove all the weight from my heart. I don’t want to be bitter; I don’t want to be hurt. I want to love like I have never loved before. Today in Bible study before church, a man commented saying that when Jesus said we have to deny ourselves, it’s kind of comparable to when you are married and your wife is stuck on the side of the road and you have to DENY yourself watching the football game to go to wherever she is and get her. That to me is the maturity needed to truly love. Deny yourself and what you want for the good of the other person.
I refuse to continue the cycle. I will not allow my hurt to assist me in hurting someone else. Loved people, Love People.